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Troy Luke Jr.




Date of Birth:

June 20, 1991 

A Bit About Me

Let me first start by saying my name is Troy Luke Jr. Brooklyn, New York born but Atlanta and Athens raised me. I am a 4th generation Guyanese American Chef that has a decade or more of cooking experience in the culinary industry. I attended Atlanta technical institute for culinary arts and The University of North Georgia for Business Administration. Most of my culinary knowledge has come through my experiences in the kitchen. I am a Chefpenuer/Owner of The company Don Carne a private chef company. Stressed Blessed and Taco obsessed is our motto. My clients come to me stressed about the ins and outs of planning an event. They feel blessed to be having their event and after a few conversations with me they leave taco obsessed. I am obsessed with tacos but not limited to that. I love handmade pasta and all that Italian as well as French cuisine have to offer. I love to put creative twists on my food that have taken me on a culinary journey. I would love for you to come with me! I currently do private dinners/events of a two person intimate dinner all the way up to a couple hundred person private events. I also do in-home meal prep as well as currently working on doing delivery meal prep. When I am not doing that I am usually doing a chef residency/pop ups with local breweries and bars around Atlanta or Athens. My other services are also cooking classes both at home and at a venue of your choice. I partner with nonprofits to help raise funds by doing dinners. I as well as provide a culinary program geared towards helping teens and college freshmen not only become better chefs but better people by learning life skills like I did in the kitchen. I am currently in the process of finalizing a Marinade and Avocado salsa that will be for purchase in 2024. I also have merch for all the tacos lovers out there. I would love to help guide you while on your own culinary journey.

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